Performance Boat Magazine Features Liquid Glass – (Labor of Love)

Posted on April 23, 2009

Liquid Glass Powerboats was featured in a four page spread in Performance Boats Magazine. The article, by Eric Colby, does a great job capturing our boat-building philosophy and the technologies used in our 41 Luxury Cat. Click the PDF at right to view the article.  Contact us with any questions you may have.

Liquid Glass Featured on Cover of Hot Boat Magazine

Posted on January 17, 2009

Hot Boat Magazine Features Liquid GlassLiquid Glass Powerboats was featured on the cover page of Hot Boat Magazine in their June 2008 issue. The 41 Luxury Cat that is featured has twin Mercury 850 horsepower supercharged engines, a fully completed cabin (with faux-suede headliner), custom power footrests in stainless steel, bow mounted camera for easy docking and trailering, and a spectactular paint scheme in green in silver.  Click the image to read the story….

DIAB Group Features Liquid Glass Hulls

Posted on March 25, 2008

DIAB - Liquid Glass SolutionsLiquid Glass Powerboats partner DIAB Technologies has featured Liquid Glass in its recent newsletter.  DIAB was commissioned by Liquid Glass Powerboats to provide the infusion molding hull technologies as we build our hulls.  DIAB trained Liquid Glass personnel on the core infusion process.  DIAB is a global company whose products are found anywhere high performance structures are required, including: marine, wind energy, transportation, aerospace, and industrial market.  Click the image at the side to access DIAB’s website for more information.  Read ever more about DIAB at:

Liquid Glass Tests 41 Luxury Cat at Mercury X-Site

Posted on March 21, 2008

Over the last several months, Liquid Glass Powerboats has continued to refine its 41 Luxury Cat model by following up a successful early 2007 introduction with testing at Mercury’s X-Site location.  Liquid Glass Powerboats extensively tested, in recent months, 41 Luxury Cats containing Mercury Racing 700SCi and 850SCi powerplants.

Said Randy Schultz, Chief Designer of Liquid Glass Powerboats, “The X-Site gives us an opportunity to spend several days isolating the performance improvements achieved by testing various props and pitches, running the drives in vs. out, and other specific adjustments that allow our cats to run at their peak performance.  And having access to Mercury technicians in the boat with us provides invaluable expertise and credibility to our top speed claims.”

About Mercury’s X-Site:

X-Site is a 8.4-acre, integrated research-and- development site located on Watson Bayou near Panama City, Fla. Opened in 2004, the facility features multiple in-water slips, laboratory, a boat-rigging building, and the Bayou offers suitable calm and rough conditions in both saltwater and freshwater.   Best of all, because of the decades-long relationship between Mercury and Liquid Glass co-founder Randy Schultz, Mercury Racing technicians make themselves available to assist with final testing and refinement. 

41 Luxury Cat Named “Extreme Cat of the Year”

Posted on February 25, 2008

Extreme Cat of the YearIn its annual Best of the Best in Extreme Boating Awards, Extreme Boats Magazine has named the Liquid Glass Powerboats 41 Luxury Cat the Extreme Cat of the year.  We are very honored by this accolade and appreciate Extreme Boats Magazine for choosing us as this year’s award winner.  The specific model which won the award was our 41′ cat with twin 700 horsepower Mercury Racing engines and NXT1 Drives painted by Visual Imagination. 

Liquid Glass Featured in Extreme Boats Magazine

Posted on November 10, 2007

Extreme Boats Magazine - Liquid Glass on cover
Liquid Glass Powerboats was featured in an 8-page spread in the November 2007 edition of Extreme Boats Magazine.

View the article, photos, and interview with Chief Designer Randy Schultz.

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Liquid Glass Releases 41 Luxury Cat

Posted on March 29, 2007

Liquid Glass Powerboats

Liquid Glass Powerboats – New 41’ (12.5 meter) Luxury, Performance Catamaran Unveiling – Sumner, Iowa, April 5, 2007

Liquid Glass Powerboats announces the introduction and unveiling of its new 41 foot (12.5 meter) luxury, performance catamaran. The 41 Luxury Cat features brand new, modern hull and interior designs, superb performance, cutting-edge technologies, and luxurious interior appointments more commonly found in yachts and supercars. Each Cat is derived from a CNC-machined mold and incorporates a cutting-edge hull technology called infusion molding, which results in a stronger, lighter, longer lasting, defect-free hull versus vacuum bagging or hand laying. A few notable features of the 41’ Luxury Cat include: twin Mercury Racing engine power, a below bow luxuriously-appointed cabin, power seats and power footrests for optimal comfort and support, GPS navigation, and complete customization with an options list limited only to the owner’s and the Company’s collective imaginations.

The history and heritage behind the 41 Luxury Cat is lengthy. For 28 years, Randy Schultz has been building custom powerboats. Before he sold his former company, Profile Powerboats, he created custom-built 28 foot catamarans to critical acclaim. Over the years, his ‘280 Cats’ were featured in numerous magazines, performance tests, and even videography. Randy completely redesigned and reengineered an entirely new product, the 41 Luxury Cat, as a luxury performance catamaran with the speed and agility of a high-performance powerboat along with luxurious interior appointments. “The 41 Luxury Cat has exceeded our expectations,” said Randy. “It is quick and stable on the water, yet the cockpit and cabin features are truly unique. It is not a traditional catamaran. We’ve built this boat from the ground up. Everything is new and modern from the designs, to the hull, to the seats, to the power and technologies, to the build materials… everything.”

About Liquid Glass Powerboats
Liquid Glass Powerboats designs, manufactures, and sells custom high-performance luxury catamarans for exclusive sale worldwide. The Company custom builds each powerboat using modern materials, innovative designs, state-of-the-art technologies, and exceptional build quality. No two boats are ever customized identically. In addition to superb performance and luxurious interior appointments, Liquid Glass Powerboats feature a below-bow cabin, highly unique in catamaran vessels. Power is supplied by performance racing engines from Mercury Marine.

Following 30 years of custom, high-performance powerboat-building experience as the owner and chief designer of Profile Custom Powerboats, Liquid Glass Powerboats was formed to produce limited-production catamarans and is based in Sumner, Iowa, USA. The Company is privately held and employs a highly-trained, dedicated workforce. Liquid Glass Powerboats strives to ensure that each powerboat constructed is as individually unique as its owner. For more information, please contact Liquid Glass Powerboats at 1-(563)-578-5900.

Ph: 1 563 578 5900

3177 140th Street Sumner, IA 50674 USA