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Liquid Glass Tests 41 Luxury Cat at Mercury X-Site

Posted on March 21, 2008

Over the last several months, Liquid Glass Powerboats has continued to refine its 41 Luxury Cat model by following up a successful early 2007 introduction with testing at Mercury’s X-Site location.  Liquid Glass Powerboats extensively tested, in recent months, 41 Luxury Cats containing Mercury Racing 700SCi and 850SCi powerplants.

Said Randy Schultz, Chief Designer of Liquid Glass Powerboats, “The X-Site gives us an opportunity to spend several days isolating the performance improvements achieved by testing various props and pitches, running the drives in vs. out, and other specific adjustments that allow our cats to run at their peak performance.  And having access to Mercury technicians in the boat with us provides invaluable expertise and credibility to our top speed claims.”

About Mercury’s X-Site:

X-Site is a 8.4-acre, integrated research-and- development site located on Watson Bayou near Panama City, Fla. Opened in 2004, the facility features multiple in-water slips, laboratory, a boat-rigging building, and the Bayou offers suitable calm and rough conditions in both saltwater and freshwater.   Best of all, because of the decades-long relationship between Mercury and Liquid Glass co-founder Randy Schultz, Mercury Racing technicians make themselves available to assist with final testing and refinement. 

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